Information On The AR15 Rifle


What Is The AR15 Rifle?

AR15 stands for ArmaLite Rifle. ArmaLite is the name of the company that manufactures AR15 rifles for sale for both the public, law enforcement and security personnel. The AR15 is one the most popular firearms in the United States. It is often wrongly referred to as being as an assault rifle. It is not.

Why is the AR15 Rifle So Popular Among People?

The number one reason that the AR15 rifle is such a popular firearm in the USA is because it is one of the most versatile and adaptable rifles on the market. The AR15 can be modified to be used for a wide variety of purposes such as hunting, shooting, self defense, tactical situations and more. It can also be adjusted to use many different kinds of calibers of ammunition.

Changing Guns Before The AR15

Before the AR15 was launched if you wanted to use a different caliber of ammunition, you most likely had to purchase a new gun that was compatible with that ammunition. For example if you wanted to use bigger bullets for hunting you had to buy a separate rifle, and if you wanted to use smaller cheaper bullets for target practice you would also have to buy a separate rifle for that purpose.

The Ease Of Changing The Parameters Of The AR15 To Suit Your Needs

With the AR15 rifle people can order different parts of the rile and assemble a rifle that will suit their needs. They can then take apart the pieces and change parts to suit a different purpose or need. For example scopes can be added and barrels lengthened for long range shooting. Or you can shorten barrels and add flashlights to your AR15 for better and more effective short range shooting. The AR15 is easy to assemble and disassemble and only requires a few basic tools such as a screw driver wrench, and hammer. This is why it is such a popular firearm.